The World According to Blerg

"The name of the game is be hit and hit back." -Warren Zevon

the unforgivable crime is soft hitting
8 September
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Bitty! Soda?
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Mount Holyoke College - South Hadley MA (1997 - 2001)
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"Sometimes, I feel that I'm only just ready to start my life. I know what I need to, to live it a hundred times better. As far as I can see, no one is out there waiting for me with a ticket that says 'try it again'. I'll probably really figure out exactly how to be alive right when I'm gasping for my last breath." -Jane Hamilton, The Book of Ruth

"The true New Yorker secretly believes that anyone living anywhere else must somehow, in a sense, be kidding." -John Updike

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And now I'll anticipate your next question: this is where my username came from.
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